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f it was to prevent useless. However, after the development of the academy, the culmination of reincarnation gun still has a huge Magento flaw. After the huge recoil when fired do not say, the destruction of space is difficult to recover on their Magento Certification own, while the number of shells only thirty two, exhausted after the non renewable. So, it will give you the time and space are also considered suitable Dragon King, I believe you have a way to contain the culmination of reincarnation gun fierce, but also repair the damaged space under conditions permitting. I know exactly what time and space to repair space Dragon King s forte, you can also learn to understand the law of time and space for others is a very troublesome thing, for you it is harvest. After Li Yuan heard the explanation, heavy catch his breath dragon bottles, black angel colonization equipment, Dacheng reincarnation gun, it would have to say that the old white pick something. Hey, Thanks for the compliment. Elizabeth Moe scratched some foolish Magento it exam little brain. Talk time, Li Yuan side of the integral value is a little bit of growth, it is the b.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
M70-101 Magento Certified Developer Exam Magento Magento Certified Developer
M70-201 Magento Certified Developer Plus Exam Magento Magento Certified Developer Plus
M70-301 Magento Front End Developer Certification Exam Magento Magento Front End Developers