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to the eternal supreme out of the channel. Forbidden. Long Shadow uttered a roar, it was the voice of Li Yuan, Li will also source. Nether buzzing, hundreds of thousands of planets all in shock, the worst impression that space and time motivated moving up, like a road chains flying, like a section of a very Axis Certified Professional Axis Certified Professional it exam large dragon Horse, the diaphragm in the immortal Supreme Dragon King between time and space and form a blockade. Human, many years, and the seat never angry, today you really shock out of my fire. Eternal Supreme big hate that he never thought would be so low the human race made so embarrassed. I want to destroy, say it. Li Yuan super toughness, to seize the opportunity that will be able to let the enemy into a helpless situation, he turned his attention into a few other places, because Erin imperial war and people rushed to the seclusion To Bese this universe, there are too many prints available, you replace the damaged space suffering it Axis Certification Blessed long Indian rang again, more than from those black holes attract stars dark place damaged space, imposed to these war Wong and to let them.

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AX0-100 Axis Network Video Exam Axis Axis Certified Professional